On 25th February 2016, join the 5,050 registered homeless people in Taiwan, and sleep rough for one night to help us raise NT$1.5M.


What is the CEO Sleepout?

A fundraising event inviting leaders in the Taiwan business community to be homeless for one night in the city of Taipei. The Sleepout provides business leaders with a real opportunity to personally experience what being homeless feels like, sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, on the floor with just a sleeping bag and a sheet of cardboard.

Meet the CEOs

Meet the CEOs and business leaders who will be sleeping rough for one night on 25th February 2016.

Homelessness in Taiwan

A major issue faced by homeless people in Taiwan is the lack of community understanding about the causes and effects of homelessness and the stigma attached to being homeless.

There are 5,050 officially registered homeless people in Taiwan.

Taiwan Homeless Statistics

However, due to the stigma of homelessness in Taiwan, not everyone who is homeless has registered as being so. Therefore the figure is projected to be significantly higher.

How we help

The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance and homeless shelter as well as programs that help people get jobs and stay off the street. Learn more.

How you can help?

Join the CEO Sleepout and raise funds in support of our work with the homeless, some of Taiwan’s most marginalised and vulnerable people. The fundraising goal for each participant is to raise NT$50,500 – NT$10 for every homeless person in Taiwan.

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