See how each of our CEOs are tracking towards their individual fundraising goals and our overall target of raising NT$1.5M.

  CEO   Amount Raised  
1 Terry King Terry King NT$123,075.00 Donate to Terry
2 Jennifer Groves Lieutenant-Colonel Jennifer Groves NT$119,261.00 Donate to Jennifer
3 Major Daniel Chen Major Daniel Chen NT$81,450.00 Donate to Daniel
4 Catherine Raper Catherine Raper NT$69,380.00 Donate to Catherine
5 James Hill James Hill NT$63,411.00 Donate to James
6 Si’alei van Toor Si’alei van Toor NT$62,148.00 Donate to Si’alei
7 Paul Thompson Paul Thompson NT$49,842.00 Donate to Paul
8 Tom Liu Tom Liu NT$43,505.00 Donate to Tom
9 Adam McMillan Adam McMillan NT$32,100.00 Donate to Adam
10 Peter Tou Peter Tou NT$31,855.00 Donate to Peter
11 Mike Exton Mike Exton NT$22,769.00 Donate to Mike
12 Adrian Panozzo Adrian Panozzo NT$11,508.00 Donate to Adrian
  Other NT$219,102.00 Donate to a CEO
Total NT$929,406.00